Hugh Gloster

His greetings were always classic-I most fondly remember them almost always beginning with the word 'Well'

-"Well good day Sir.."  (He frequently called me 'Sir' which I always found amusing as there was a 25 year age difference between us!)

-Well good day Hugh..."

I also loved the way he said the word 'Ferrari' - it was with all the passion of the Tifosa from Maranello!  (I wish I could imitate him better!)
When talking about 'the Pig' - I loved how he would emphasize that it was a 'Club privee' - somehow he got the pronunciation of 'privee' just right! ('the Pig' is an enthusiast's ephemeral pub that pops up in the Silverstone campsite every Grand Prix weekend.) 

I've kept a number of the BRDC Christmas cards he sent over the years - absolute classics!  

Such great memories...hope he knew how much joy he brought to my life.