Maurice Levy

   From the Autosport Nostalgia forum

Having known Merv for over 60 years since our early Hornsey days   we were reunited in the '90s when we would meet up every year ar the British GP .I sometimes stayed in the old Wesphalia or it's bright orange awning ,  this being  quite painless after  time was spend at "The Pig" ,a gathering of motor sport friends and drinking buddies in the BRDC Campsite.
   Everyone knew Merv and his various travel tales either in his original 1957 Beetle (collected from the Factory) when he travelled Europe with his wife and newly born Son having had various members of Lotus at Hornsey build a sink,bottle warming facility and numerous other essentials  for the Beetle after work hours and his journeys round Europe in what was once new (and again collected from the factory)  Wesphalia .
   Merv was also famous for the gas powered kettle that flew through the roof mysteriously one evening at the Factory .The Lotus 12 Christmas road run is well recorded elsewhere  .This came about when every sane person at Lotus was taking a hard earned break but good old Merv volounteered to help to make the run happen.
In his younger days in Canada he concocted a strange vw off road vehicle  and was also involved in the setting up of his local motor sport circuit ,more of which I'm sure other folk will elaborate on.
 As recently as last year we were trying to bring about the saving of the famous  pond in the BRDC members campsite but I fear the requests that Merv made fell on deaf ears . But that's all over now that a whole load of people have lost a dear friend who stood out from the crowd of Hooray Henrys that one so often encounters in our modern motorsport world .
Goodbye old Mate You will be missed .